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Losing a loved one is complicated. No matter how “prepared” you seem to be, the loss is impossible to predict on an emotional level. That was what Will learned after losing his wife, Joan, after 33 years of marriage. “By the time we heard about TRU, we knew Joan’s disease had progressed. When we heard from her doctor there’s nothing more we can do for her that was the hardest of all.” What they wanted, what they longed for was for someone to say “we can help.” That’s what they found at TRU.

TRU is the program that offers so many of the things we want at some very critical times in our lives. When we’re struggling with the next decision about what can bring quiet, space and comfort, TRU is there. TRU caregivers create normalcy for families, a sense of peace and comfort, enabling families to enjoy the simple things they might miss in a different setting. Our homecare patients enjoy being with their favorite things – the simple things like a favorite pillow or coffee mug or their beloved pet; it’s important to TRU just as it’s important to you, that we offer a chance for the quality of life you want, right up to the end. For those who need acute care, our TRU Hospice Care Center is available and is the only inpatient unit of its kind in our area.

For Joan and the hundreds others like her we have cared for this year, we hope hospice made a positive difference and that hearing, “we can help” provides a beacon of hope for those who are facing advanced illness and a feeling of hopelessness.

That’s what TRU can do for you. Please give generously to support the future of TRU – your gift if made by December 31st will be matched to go further to help TRU patients and families. Thank you and enjoy a happy, peaceful holiday season.